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Checking the Crab Pot Part 2: Croakers!

Since I didn’t have any crabs and I was done playing with the turtles, I decided to fish for a bit.  This is usually a pretty simple ordeal: Take one pole and throw out a bottom-rig with fake bloodworms and/or fake shrimp, then fish a second pole with beetle-spin around the dock.  Everything was going fine until my big “croaker” pole fell into the river!  I spent over half an hour pulling on the line trying to get it up far enough so I could reach it but the line eventually broke.  The water is only six or seven feet deep so I rigged up my other pole with several hooks and went fishing for my now very wet croaker pole.  While I was trying to hook my pole at the bottom of the river I noticed the line with the bait on it started to move!  After the pole had fell into the water I cut the line going out to the bait but left enough to tie off on the bench so I could retrieve my tackle when all this was over.  Now I had a fish on the end… So I started pulling the line in hand-over-hand.  All 80+ yards of it.  When it finally broke the surface I realized I had two croakers!  One on each hook!

Two hooks, two fish....not bad.

Two hooks, two fish….not bad.

Meredith came down a little later and took this:

Two "Hand Caught" Croakers

Two “Hand Caught” Croakers

So, you may be wondering why they call them croakers.  Well, take a look for yourself (be sure to turn your sound up):


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