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Mama Osprey

An osprey watching as we near its nest.

An osprey watching as we near its nest.

We launched the canoe today from our neighborhood pier for a quick fishing trip and to take a tour around Tippity Witchity island.  Right off the southern point of the island is one of the many osprey nest built by Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  These things are found all over the rivers and coves around the bay.  We can see three or four just from the pier.

When we first moved to Maryland I was hoping we’d get to see a few ospreys but I soon realized I’d be seeing hundreds of them.  Earlier this spring I counted almost two dozen flying around the pier while I was fishing.  We’ve even seen a couple of them dive-bomb the water for fish.  Honestly it’s very rare not see at least one a day around our neighborhood.

Anyways, this was the first time we were able to get close to one of the nest and boy was she unhappy with us!  She’s watched us constantly and made all sorts of racket until we were a good hundred yards away.  A guy I work with said he’s known a couple kayakers that have flipped while trying to avoid osprey that dived at them when they got too close to the nest.  Needless to say we’ll be keeping our distance from now on.


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