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Italian Shrimp & Pasta

This recipe is compliments of my godmother, Missi.  She is one of these very gifted people that can walk into a kitchen, open the refrigerator/cabinet/pantry and grab ingredients and make an amazing meal without a recipe.  And very rarely can you get a recipe out of what ever thing she has created.  But this is […]

First St. Mary’s River Canoe Run

As you can see from some of our previous post we spend a lot of time down at the St. Mary’s River.  Our neighborhood has a private pier that you can fish, swim, and canoe from.  This part of the river is very large and is pretty much entirely salt water.  However, there is a […]

Good Help is Hard to Come by

This is what was going on while I was busy working in my craft room on Saturday. This seems to be his new favorite position this summer. We missed the mark a bit if we wanted a modest dog!