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First St. Mary’s River Canoe Run

As you can see from some of our previous post we spend a lot of time down at the St. Mary’s River.  Our neighborhood has a private pier that you can fish, swim, and canoe from.  This part of the river is very large and is pretty much entirely salt water.  However, there is a […]

Lake St. Mary’s Canoe Trip #3 (aka The Day of Fish)

So we decided to take the canoe out after work today.  Might as well see if we can get some fish too, right?  Well ladies and gentlemen, it was the Day of Fish!  We caught 33 fish in under three hours!  I would have probably caught more if it hadn’t been for the fact Meredith […]

Lake St. Mary’s Canoe Trip #2

We went out again this morning on Lake St. Mary’s.  It was a beautiful morning and the lake was like glass when we first got there. This time, we actually caught some fish.           I even have proof Meredith caught a fish: Another video showing how nice the lake was this […]

First Trip in the New Canoe

Today we took the canoe out for the first time. We weren’t sure how we’d do so we left the fishing gear in the truck to start. After a few minutes out on the water we soon realize how stable the canoe was and so we decided to get the fishing poles and hit up […]

Our New Canoe

Meredith and I bought a canoe today.  It’s an Old Town Saranac 146XT with molded seats with seat backs, center bench with cooler/storage and dry hatch, rod holders, carry handles, and utility trays.  We’re going to take on it’s maiden voyage tomorrow on a lake near our house.