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First St. Mary’s River Canoe Run

As you can see from some of our previous post we spend a lot of time down at the St. Mary’s River.  Our neighborhood has a private pier that you can fish, swim, and canoe from.  This part of the river is very large and is pretty much entirely salt water.  However, there is a […]

Mama Osprey

We launched the canoe today from our neighborhood pier for a quick fishing trip and to take a tour around Tippity Witchity island.  Right off the southern point of the island is one of the many osprey nest built by Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  These things are found all over the rivers and […]

Southern Maryland Crabfest 2013

Seeing how it’s our first year here in Southern Maryland we decided to go see what this Crabfest was all about.  Though the turnout wasn’t what I expected, probably due to the storm earlier in the day, it was still a lot of fun.  There was a decent cover band, crab races, and of course […]

Our First Maryland Snow

Snow is really fascinating to me.  Being from Louisiana, it makes me want to go hibernate in the house till it is all gone.  I love it, don’t get me wrong.  But I really don’t like to drive in it.  I figure everyone is safer with me staying home.  So this day, I sent a […]